August 26 2014

The Five Steps to Winning We Learned from Jack Welch

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO


Actor Charlie Sheen made the phrase “winning” infamous; however, the true innovator in winning is Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, whose 40 years of business leadership continues to inspire to this day.

Jack’s insights, which he shares in his book Winning, became even more relevant to us when he agreed to be the keynote speaker at our national leadership meeting a few years ago. This annual event is designed to motivate and educate senior-level executives and managers to achieve the next year’s goals. It’s an integral part in ensuring goal alignment with our overall business strategy and building our People Powered, Customer Driven culture.

As our 67-year old company is under-going a second transformation, Jack’s words of wisdom have applied to all facets of our company’s growth.

In the next few months, we’ll share the five key lessons we took away from meeting with Jack. Chances are it will be a good reminder for all leaders as well. After all, we know leadership is key creating a People Powered, Customer Driven culture. Up first…

1. You must continuously change and reinvent your business.

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August 19 2014

Safelite’s Instagram Account an Eyeful for Customers

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager


After posting pictures of vehicles he worked on to his personal Instagram account, Charlotte technician Andrey Ryabyy took the initiative to start a Safelite AutoGlass Instagram account. After five months, the account has more than 700 followers and has become part of the company’s official presence on the social network.

While monitoring the account the marketing team saw great engagement with Andrey’s photos. Safelite didn’t have a large presence on Instagram, and the team asked Andrey to continue posting photos and turn his account into the official Safelite account.

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