December 2011

• Training Field Staff to Engage Customers

• Excellence in Service Profile: Jose Hernandez, Technician

• Customer Delight Insight with Chicago General Manager

• When you experience great customer service, do you tell the company’s management?

November 2011

• Are You Ready for a Rush of New Customers?

• Operating a Customer-Focused Contact Center

• Customer Delight Insight with Anchorage General Manager

• Hello, My Name is Peggy

• Customer Delight Insight with Columbus General Manager

• When you experience great customer service, do you tell friends & family?

October 2011

• Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Delight

• Excellence in Service Profile: Darius Smith, Repair Specialist

• Customer Delight Insight with Baton Rouge General Manager

• The Five Ts of Customer Delight

• Customer Delight Insight with Ontario General Manager

• Transforming a Company Culture to Achieve Customer Delight

• Does the friendliness of the CSR impact your decision to purchase?

September 2011

• Customer Delight Insight with Jackson General Manager

• Customer Delight Insight with Boise General Manager

• Customer Service Means Personal Attention

• Have American consumers come to expect poor customer service?

August 2011

• Customer Service Tips: Don’t Overlook the Basics

• Excellence in Service Profile: Jacki Wilburn, Repair Specialist

• Putting An End to Customers’ Wait Time

• Customer Service Means … Doing Your Job

• Customer Service Role Playing, Part I

• Customer Service Metrics Drive Operational Improvement

• What Customer Delight Means to Safelite