May 14 2012

4 Cs of Customer Retention

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

In this day and age, can anyone afford to lose a potential customer? So that we reduce the number of customers we lose along the sales pipeline, Safelite uses the 4 Cs of customer retention.

1. Confirm all work orders
In the vehicle glass business, a job can easily be lost if the work order is incorrect, so we check all work orders:
• Next day work orders are reviewed for correct/missing parts (i.e., clips, moldings, additional parts)
• Details are verified for “high risk” next day work orders
• Work order management is performed for all sub-statuses all day every day
• All work orders in a sub-status have a current follow up date and notes
• All work orders are routed to technicians based on skill set matching job, customer priority, and am to pm balance

2. Communicate with the customer via confirmation calls and tech call-aheads for in-shop and mobile jobs
Keeping customers reminded of appointment times helps reduce scheduling confusion, so we stay in constant contact with them:
• Complete confirmation calls the day before the scheduled appointment
• Prioritize which “high risk” customers need to be called first (e.g. jobs that are far away)
• Utilize e-mail addresses on file if customers cannot be contacted via phone
• Centralize confirmation call activities in the market to ensure compliance and take some of the administrative duties off of the stores
• Utilize the confirmation call as an opportunity to start to build the personal customer experience and set expectations
• A technician call-ahead must be performed for each scheduled job (including in-shop jobs) on the day of service

3. Complete
Holding associates accountable for the retention rate ensures they follow the steps necessary to complete a job successfully.

• The daily tech completion board is posted in the Check In / Check Out (CICO) area and utilized daily
• The CICO process is being performed daily at the SuperCenter, stores and mobile pros
• Post each technician’s retention rate and ensure techs know market retention goals
• Evaluate and flex market staffing and capacity to maximize opportunities while maintaining/ improving customer service and retention processes

4. Call back customers who missed their appointment or for whom the work could not be performed
Never letting a potential job fall between the cracks requires persistence:

• All jobs that cannot be completed must be called in to an assigned market retention/reactivation associate(s) before the tech is allowed to leave the job site
• Assigned associates communicate with the customer as soon as they know a job is at risk to get the customer back on the schedule or resolve the issue so the job can be completed same day
• All rescheduled or cancelled work orders (whether by Safelite or the customer) are logged on the reactivation tracker and the reason is documented and what process needs to be evaluated so that it does not happen again
• All work orders on the reactivation tracker are communicated to local management at the end of the day with outcomes for each
• Rescheduled jobs are given priority on their new appointment day to ensure the work is completed
• Limit the number of associates that are authorized to delete work orders for the entire market to ensure full visibility to at risk jobs prior to cancellation and that correct cancel codes are being used

What are some of your company’s ways of ensuring a customer moves along the sales chain successfully?

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