December 24 2014

A Customer Experience Worthy of a Hallmark Movie

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager


On their way to Florida from Wisconsin, a family experienced a break-in while staying overnight in Atlanta. The family stopped in the Safelite store in Marietta to get a crash wrap done before heading out to their final destination. Instead of providing a crash wrap though, Stephanie, the store manager, sent a tech to pick-up glass from the warehouse so the family didn’t have to wait until they got to Florida to fix their car.

While waiting for the glass, the family shared their experience of the night before with the staff. They had four small children and all the presents in their car were stolen. Another couple who was also waiting for their car to be repaired, overheard the family’s story; they asked to leave their car so they could run errands. To everyone’s surprise, when the couple came back, they brought with them a bunch of Christmas gifts for the other family’s children.

The kindness shown by the couple stirred emotions from Safelite staff and the family alike, turning disappointment to excitement and distress to cheer.

To show his appreciation, the father went and picked up donuts and the two families sat together and talked while waiting for their cars. When the work was complete, the family thanked the Safelite staff, not only for installing glass instead of crash wrap, but for the extra wait time as it enabled them to make new friends.

As for the Safelite staff, they were so touched by the random act of kindness of their customers, they discounted the price for both families involved, and gave a gift card to the family that lost their presents.

Thanks to the folks in Marietta for sharing the joy of the holiday season with their customers and sharing this story with all of us.

Happy Holidays!

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safelite is the best ....

Charlie bartlett, December 25, 2014

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