May 19 2015

Bringing a Company Culture to Life Part 1: Focusing on our People and our Customers

Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People & Leadership Development


At Safelite AutoGlass, we put a big emphasis on building a high performing culture because we know that the right culture creates engagement among our people. And, happy talented people, create promoting customers, which drives business results.

The latest way we are bringing our culture to life is through new environmental design at our headquarters and remote locations.

People Powered, Customer Driven is the strategic position that supports our vision to become the Natural Choice of vehicle glass repair and replacement in the United States. These two core principles drive the course of our business and are reinforced regularly through our communication channels.

So it only makes sense to bring them to life in the surroundings of where our people work to help keep our core principles in front of us so we are reminded to apply them in all we do. It reinforces the importance of our people and the spirit of Safelite.

Both People Powered and Customer Driven have four elements, which are displayed throughout the new design of our headquarters.

For example, at a shared work area such as the printer and mailroom, Safelite’s People Pledge is prominently featured. The People Pledge is what our employees can expect while working at Safelite:
• You'll experience great leadership.
• We focus on you first.
• We hire top talent.
• You'll work in a caring culture.


By putting our people first, it enables us to be customer driven. So Safelite’s Customer Driven message is equally reinforced throughout the building through photos, logos and written word. Our people are encouraged to be Customer Driven every minute of their day.

The objective of Safelite’s Customer Driven strategy is clearly defined in the company headquarters: “Achieve extraordinary results by looking at our business through the eyes of the customer; making it easy for them to do business with us and ensuring their experience is memorable.” And, the four elements of being Customer Driven – Listen, Focus, Create, Delight – are each individually defined in Safelite’s new office space.


Since opening this new space, employee feedback has been extremely positive and demonstrates that an environment that reflects your culture can have a big impact on engaging employees and attracting top talent to your business.

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This is positive move for our company . Do we have an update on when 2400 will be able to share in this experience?

Tom, June 02, 2015

Hi Tom! Thanks for asking…unfortunately the update to 2400 is still on hold for the remainder of the year. I know we’re all looking forward to it!

Melina, June 05, 2015

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