May 26 2015

Bringing a Company Culture to Life Part 2: Reinforcing our Core Competencies

Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People & Leadership Development


At Safelite AutoGlass, we are obsessed with building a culture that creates engagement among our people because we know happy talented people, create promoting customers, which drives business results.

Recently, we shared how we enhanced the environmental design of our office to reinforce our People Powered, Customer Driven culture.

To help us bring People Powered and Customer Driven to life for our associates, we have six guiding principles that we use to reinforce what we expect from our people.

The six core competencies we’ve identified in our business and are the foundation for our integrated talent management program. We use them for hiring, performance reviews, professional development, and rewards & recognition.

The six competencies we expect our people to embrace are:
1. Live Our Values
2. Think People First
3. Have Passion for Creating Customer Delight
4. Understand the Business (and your role within it)
5. Be Innovative
6. Drive for Extraordinary Results


Signage in the new office space allows us to reinforce these six Core Competencies on a daily basis as you can see in the photographs.

Feedback so far has been extremely positive, and we are thrilled to give our employees an office space that reinforces our culture through branding and collaborative work spaces.

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Your passion for excellence shows!

Karen Allen, June 23, 2015

I really like what I am reading. Core competencies really hit the mark. What I can’t find is your Values which is #1. Can you tell me where they are?
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krystine Miluski, July 27, 2015

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