June 02 2015

Bringing a Company Culture to Life Part 3: Performing in a Healthy, Sustainable Way

Bringing a Company Culture to Life Part 3: Performing in a Healthy, Sustainable Way
Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People & Leadership Development

At Safelite AutoGlass, we know a great culture creates engagement among our people because happy talented people create promoting customers, which drives business results. Recently, we shared how we updated our office to reinforce our 6 core competencies. The office space was also created to align to our company values.

From the on-set of redesigning and expanding the company headquarters, Safelite commissioned BHDP Architecture to lead the project. BHDP completed a deep dive to discover what design elements were important to the company. They first led a visioning session with Safelite’s senior leadership team where a series of discussions were centered on our company’s current reality and preferred future. They also completed online surveys of all corporate office employees to learn about cultural and work process needs.

As a result, several themes stood out as the most valuable aspects needed in the redesign, including 1) transparency, 2) collaboration, and 3) sustainability. It was clear the Safelite team sought transparency and a visual connection between business leaders and employees. They wanted the new space to reflect our mission and enhance communication, with the ability to adapt to changing work styles and individual preferences while also placing a high priority on sustainability including recycled and energy-efficient materials.

Transparency is achieved through both the use of clear glass offices and open weave shades and fabrics. Additionally, the design placed executive offices centrally on the floor, allowing the peripheral space to be more open and visible thanks to clear walking paths and window views.


Collaboration is accomplished thanks to the incorporation of new multiple size collaboration zones – both open and closed. These collaboration areas are equipped with technology to allow employees the choice as to where and how to work.


Sustainability is realized through LED lighting, low flow and automated plumbing fixtures, low VOC paint and low emitting adhesive materials, and the use of recycled materials throughout. One of the most important recycled materials to Safelite is the use of ethos™ Modular Tandus carpet – recycled PVB of windshields is used to produce the backing of this carpet.


Fresh Design Helps Retain and Attract Top Talent

The new office design is a much brighter and energetic space that reinforces both the company brand and culture. Both existing and prospective employees have offered positive feedback on the contemporary design. The new workspace helps us compete for top talent and represents our values well. It also aids in continuing our status as one of central Ohio’s best places to work.

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