October 03 2012

Change Your Language and Change the Customer Experience

Change Your Language and Change the Customer Experience
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Change Your Language and Change the Customer Experience
By Lisa Ford, How to Give Exceptional Customer Service Author

I am amazed at how a few simple words can transform the customer experience. Many people are quick to use language that can put the customer on the defense. Here’s my list of emotional trigger words and phrases along with the preferred option:

Trigger Words / Positive Options
Can’t vs. Can

I don’t know vs. I can look into that

Policy vs. Here’s how we handle that

You should have… vs. (Answer or solve the issue)

Why didn’t you… vs. (No blaming – just fix it)

The only thing we can do is…vs. The best option is…

Now just calm down vs. ...

Start monitoring your language and hear how these phrases slip into your customer interactions. Most of the phrases invite defensiveness. Simply change your language.

For many organizations, creating a positive customer experience is quite a challenge, however changing a few words is a good place to start.

Oh if you are wondering about the alternative to “just calm down,” there is not one. If you have the nerve to say it, go ahead and get back to me.

Lisa Ford is a business speaker and author on customer issues. She can be reached at 770.394.4860 and www.lisaford.com.

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