October 06 2015

Creating & Sustaining a Customer-Centric Culture

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

Safelite AutoGlass is thrilled to be one of five case studies in a new report called “Creating and Sustaining a Customer-Centric Culture,” published by Temkin Group.

Here’s the executive summary:

Temkin Group defines culture as how employees think, believe, and act, and if an organization wants to differentiate its customer experience, it must address each one of these areas. However culture change is not easy. Culture change efforts are often impeded by common pitfalls, such as ignoring the existing culture or becoming impatient at the pace of change.

To make this effort smoother, Temkin Group recommends adopting an approach we call Employee-Engaging Transformation (EET), which consists of five practices:
1. Vision Translation
2. Persistent Leadership
3. Middle Management Activation
4. Grassroots Mobilization
5. Captivating Communications.

In this report, Temkin shares how Safelite AutoGlass applies these EET practices to create and sustain our customer-centric culture.


In the case study, Safelite shares a few ways they’ve transformed to achieve a People Powered, Customer Driven culture:
1. Setting leaders up to succeed.
2. Designing communications to be consistent and authentic.
3. Holding everyone accountable to clearly defined expectations.
4. Using stories to create emotional ties with employees.
5. Introducing tangible reminders to stay the course.

To help your company discuss its goals around culture, check out Temkin Group’s Cultural Planning Map included in the report.

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