August 27 2012

Customer-centric Companies Stem from a Great Work Culture

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO

When we began our customer service journey, we started by looking at ourselves in the mirror… what type of work environment did we, as leaders, create and how did that contribute to our customer service? That led us to the People First integrated talent management strategy.

We’re not the only ones who agree that HR plays a significant role in being a customer-focused company. Several years ago, we invited Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Colin Powell to speak at our annual company leadership meeting because we felt our team could learn a great deal from his leadership style.

While he had a great impact on our people, I am humbled to learn that we also had an impact on him. In Powell’s latest book, “It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership,” he shared his experience with us:

“Many clients provide specific guidance about what they are looking for, but in all my years of speaking, one company stands out: Safelite AutoGlass, whose business is repairing car windshields. Tom Feeney, the president and CEO, was determined to increase the company’s market share by showing leaders how to get the best out of their people and their customer relations. For weeks they sent me notes, memos, and slides – eventually totaling an inch thick – about how they wanted to me talk about leadership strategy at their leadership meeting. I wish every company in America had their commitment to human resource development.”

I’m pleased to say that our commitment to our people is creating a more engaged workforce. During a year when engagement scores dropped by an average of two points in companies across the country, Safelite AutoGlass delivered a 5% increase, reaching 76% overall engagement in 2011, which is within the top 25% of Best-in-Class industry results. As expected, improvements in employee engagement correlate with Safelite’s customer satisfaction scores, which also continue to rise.

How’d we do it? Check back to learn more about People First Leadership Training, including:
• The Leadership Model
• The Results Cone
• The Glass Model
• And much more!

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