November 10 2011

Customer Delight Insight with Anchorage General Manager

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager


At Safelite AutoGlass®, each of our markets tracks its own Net Promoter Score (NPS). At the end of the year, we followed up with our top 10 NPS markets to ask the general managers how they deliver customer delight.

Zeke Dexter, General Manager for the Anchorage market, ranked No. 9 with an NPS of 86.9%!

1. What does customer delight mean to you as a market leader?
Customer delight is the number one focus for myself and my associates. Through delighting our customers, we can become the natural choice for vehicle glass, increase our sales, and by doing so grow our market share. Customer delight is the main driving force behind all of our initiatives and is the starting point for most of our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

2. How does your market manage to get such a high NPS?
Our rise in NPS over last year was due to making it top of mind for all of our associates and having them take pride in who we are and what we do. We touch base with our associates on a one-to-one basis daily on NPS. While group meetings do help, I think that daily feedback to the individual regarding prior day customer satisfaction scores drives the best results.

We also put a lot of value in the comments that customers provide; not just the overall score. The verbatim provides great feedback and the associates who engage their customers get a lot of comments regarding the service they provided. Customers who are engaged feel obligated to provide comments as opposed to just checking the boxes in the survey.

I believe that our People First initiatives also play a vital role in driving our customer delight numbers. You cannot succeed in customer delight if your associates are not treated with respect and driven to succeed. By doing so, it rubs off on the customers they are in touch with on a daily basis, and in turn drives customer satisfaction scores.

3. How do you get your associates excited about customer delight?
Of all our KPIs, customer delight should be the easiest segment to get our associates excited about. While it is a huge challenge to get all associates pumped-up about customer delight, the key players are always on board. The associates who are on board with who we are and what we do take pride in engaging and delighting our customers.

We do a minimum amount of financial rewards. While I do feel the financial incentives can help, I think the driving force is when associates take pride in delighting their customers; by doing so they enjoy coming to work and seeing their customers happy with the valuable service they provide.

4. Do you have a story that illustrates what your team does so great as far as delivering customer delight?
While there are a few individual stories, the ongoing storyline that I take the most pride in is not always reflected in our NPS.

On a daily basis we touch base with our customers who we did NOT delight. Any passive or detractor is called by my store manager or myself to see what we could have done differently to make the experience a better one for the customer. While not all of the feedback we get is positive, the vast majority of these follow-up calls results in a customer who will continue to use us in the future and is grateful for the follow-up. It also gives us an opportunity to get with the associate involved and give them specific reasons for the lack of customer delight on a particular job. While this may not provide immediate results, in the long run it is this type of action that will drive customer delight.

Keep it up, Zeke!

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