October 20 2011

Customer Delight Insight with Baton Rouge General Manager

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

At Safelite AutoGlass®, each of our markets tracks its own Net Promoter Score (NPS). At the end of the year, we followed up with our top 10 NPS markets to ask the general managers how they deliver customer delight.

Eddie Lahaie, General Manager for the Baton Rouge tied for No. 6 with an NPS of 87.3%!

1. What does customer delight mean to you as a market leader?
Customer delight is a culture that is instilled in every associate. It is delivering an experience beyond one’s expectations. Everyone has a part in delivering the experience. From the initial contact with the CSR, a quality part from the warehouse, service provided at the time and place specified by the customer, and a quality installation or repair completed and cleaned by the technician.

2. How does your market manage to get such a high NPS?
By following through with everything stated above. Mainly by living the culture every day and expecting nothing less. At times things don’t happen as planned and we learn from our inefficiencies. We review comments daily and dissect the cause of the issue and present it the person involved to make improvements. We celebrate success as a market knowing that we are doing our part in the delighting the customer.

3. How do you get your associates excited about customer delight?
We have conversations every day about the customer’s experience. We measure and post weekly reports. This shows how we “measure up” to other markets and each other. We challenge each other to improve and to be consistent in our everyday performance. Again it’s about living and changing the culture!

4. Do you have a story that illustrates what your team does so great as far as delivering customer delight?
We had a customer that came in to have her windshield replace in shop. She was in athletic attire and handed me her keys and told me she would be running throughout our area. She returned in 1.5 hours and her vehicle was still not ready. We had some issues with her vehicle and tried to call her, but she did not have her phone with her. Her daughter had a Christmas party at school and she was scheduled to attend in less than an hour. She had no one to pick her up and we had no one available to run her at the time.

Safelite’s Services Manager Jill Mace told her, “You will not miss your daughter’s party! We will get you there!” I gave her my personal vehicle to take. She was reluctant at first, but I told her, “I have State Farm! Have fun!” She laughed and decided to take my vehicle. She returned two hours later to drop off my car and pick up her SUV. She was so grateful to have made her daughter’s school party. When I got into my vehicle at the end of the day, she had filled up my car with gas and left me a thank you note! The next day at work I received a call from Danny, a manager at All Star (one of our largest commercial accounts). He was thanking me so graciously for taking care of his wife. I said, “My pleasure, but who is your wife?” He responded, “The runner that you let go drag racing in your car yesterday!” What a feeling!

Great work, Eddie!

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