December 07 2011

Customer Delight Insight with Chicago General Manager

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager


At Safelite AutoGlass®, each of our markets tracks its own Net Promoter Score (NPS). At the end of the year, we followed up with our top 10 NPS markets to ask the general managers how they deliver customer delight.

Gary Roeske, General Manager for the Chicago market, ranked No. 10 with an NPS of 86.7%!

1. What does customer delight mean to you as a market leader?
It’s a way for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and set the standard for the industry.

2. How does your market manage to get such a high NPS?
One thing we learned when we first started NPS is that interactions techs have with customers help improve scores, so we focused our energy there.

We monitor scores weekly and talk with techs with scores below 90. We adjust this coaching by their score – someone with a 94 gets different conversation that someone with an 80.

Also, we keep the level of awareness high. Everyone senses it’s very important.

3. How do you get your associates excited about customer delight?
I have a “top dog” competition in the market that recognizes our top techs and CSRS. We have quarterly celebrations for the winners where they are awarded with a T-shirt, trophy, gift certificates, etc. They respond well to it.

Well done, Gary!

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This is way better than a brick & moratr establishment.

Jodecy, January 20, 2012

my dad is the person holding the trophy. he was the manager of naperville, now he works in crest hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coco, May 24, 2012

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