November 19 2013

“Customer Driven” Approach: What does it mean to Delight?

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Customer Driven

The fourth and final element in Safelite’s Customer Driven approach is “Delight.” It is our goal to create loyal customers that will become brand advocates and our super promoters. This means we must continue to provide service that goes beyond our customers’ basic needs and wants. We need to consistently embrace an attitude for delivering untouchable service and quality leaving a memorable impression so powerful our customers will want to share it with others.

There is power in having every person who serves our customers deliver a memorable experience. Memorable experiences mean something beyond delight because they create positive, lasting impressions.

In fact, we introduced a new pledge: “Service so great… it’s memorable!” is our rallying cry and creates a sense of purpose. When we deliver on this pledge, it truly will differentiate us from our competition.

So what are memorable experiences?

Why does making it memorable mean something beyond “Delight”? Memories are important because they last. And in our case, they are the lasting positive impression of a customer’s experience with Safelite. When a friend or neighbor mentions that they have windshield damage our customers with great memories will recommend Safelite. They will also use us again and again.

Here’s an example… this is a letter we received about John Smalley, one of our technicians in Charlotte:

I was taking my 14 month-old daughter for a wagon ride this evening and passed a Safelite technician working on a car on my street. As we passed him, he said hello and offered to give something to my daughter. He blew up one of his work gloves, drew a chicken on it and gave it to her. I just wanted to say that I appreciated it and thought it was very kind if him to do. She played with it all night! I've heard good things about Safelite, but this little run-in reinforces it even though I've never needed your services. Should I need them, I'll definitely call.”

Now that’s a memorable experience… and it wasn’t even a customer.

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about the four elements of being Customer Driven, tell us what you think! What ideas are you incorporating into your business?

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