October 08 2013

“Customer Driven” Approach: What does it mean to Listen?

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology


Element No. 1 in Safelite’s Customer Driven approach is “Listen.” What does it mean to truly listen? We will seek to understand customer pain points and learn from their experiences. We will be curious and listen to customers. We will absorb their feedback, dig in to all of our data to understand the customer on a deeper level ultimately anticipating and identifying better ways to meet their needs.

Today we collect more than half a million NPS survey responses from our customers and we sometimes focus on the score they give us. We also provide our technicians with the comments our customers provide, but it’s challenging to really gain true insight into our customer’s experience looking at their information on a one-by-one basis. With new tools, we can use this information better and have it influence new products and solutions that will directly impact the customer experience and grow share for Safelite.

And, we need to stop only listening to Detractors and start listening to Promoters! They have insights we shouldn’t ignore just because we already earned a high score.

We also are starting to leverage what many have coined as “Big Data.” Using existing customer data and adding non-purchaser data provides insight into the customer experience that can help Safelite design solutions that exceed our customers’ needs.

Tell us – what are some ways you’re listening to your customers? What have you learned from new tools that help you listen?

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