September 02 2014

Customer Experience Shouldn’t Wane Because of Increased Volume

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Memorial Day… the kick-off to summer road trips, family barbecues, and pool parties – that is unless you have car damage. This spring on the Thursday before Memorial Day, a hail storm struck Pennsylvania’s Berks County, damaging numerous vehicles – both the glass and body.


Luckily, Safelite AutoGlass has a National Catastrophe Response Plan and reacted quickly. Local leaders District Manager Kirk Reed and Sammy Lok reacted quickly by immediately pulling in 16 technicians both nearby and from as far away as Arizona, California, Illinois, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Texas, to help serve customers over the Memorial Day weekend.

Local store managers used innovative measures like setting up a four-vehicle portable garage adjacent to our locations and a 16-bay CAT tent in a local mall parking lot to deliver a great experience to our customers in this challenging situation.

According to local news reports, rental cars in short supply so customers needed fast service. In fact, area sales manager Kirk Piper told the reporter that one of the local shop averaged 25-30 jobs a day, but after the storm, requests were up to 180-200 a day.

This effort served as community outreach to those in need over the holiday weekend and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Safelite made such an impact that customers showed their appreciation by bringing pizza, watermelons, donuts, and local restaurants gave our associates free appetizers during dinner. McDonalds even provided free breakfast for all of our technicians as a way to say thanks.

These dedicated employees were working 6 days per week, 12 plus hours per day, with the majority working 7 days per week to take care of customer needs during this 4-week ordeal, allowing us to serve an additional 3,200 customers. (Many thanks to these team members!)

We think that our national presence, which no other auto glass company can claim, allows us to react quickly in times of need and is one of the many advantages of choosing Safelite. More importantly, we have the experience and the know-how to apply our best practices for responded to a catastrophe, which can be shared with any one of our stores nationwide.

As you build your customer-centric brand, consider how you’ll prepare for similar spikes in business.

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