May 31 2016

Customer Experience Strategy in an Always-On World

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Customer Experience Strategy

eMarketer, a leading resource for more than 150,000 digital marketing professionals, recently published a webinar called “Customer Experience Strategy in an Always-On World” featuring Safelite AutoGlass Assistant Vice President, Digital and Customer Experience Bruce Millard.

Key elements of the discussion includes:
• Understanding the evolving nature of today’s always-on, need-it-now customers
• Key functions being carved out at brands to help achieve customer experience goals
• The role client-side marketers are taking to define and deliver on their customer experience strategy
• Approaches to measure and analyze customer experience improvements

In it, Millard shares: “Customer experience is everywhere we touch a customer or they look for us, being present and trying to make the experience as seamless, painless and effortless as possible.”

He later adds: “Customer experience all starts with the way we treat our people and then the way we ask them to treat our customers.”

If customer experience strategy is important to your marketing efforts, check out the complete deck!

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