June 10 2014

Customer Service Headlines, June 10, 2014

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

Here’s a round-up of some of the best customer service-related articles for the week of June 9, 2014.

Customer Service Expert Advice: 5 All-Time Top Tips

Micah Solomon, a customer experience consultant and frequent Forbes columnist, offers some great tips for every business:
1. Obsess over the beginning and ending of the customer interaction.
2. Do the hustle. (The timeline for what customers consider “late” is continually getting shorter.)
3. Offload the transactional–in a way that suits your company’s customer service style.
4. Don’t just be good—be memorably good. (We at Safelite especially like this one!)
5. Learn to apologize.

The Importance of Customer Service
USA Today

Steve Strauss, a lawyer specializing in small business and entrepreneurship, offers advice to professionals. He suggests the following experiment when it comes to customer service.

• “Think about the last salesperson who really annoyed you. What was it that you didn't like? I know for me, it was the woman in a store where I was buying a present who kept trying to up-sell me. Once, OK. Three times, not so OK and she wouldn't take no for an answer. So finally, she hit the Daily Double: She was both obtuse and she had a lousy bedside manner.”

• “Next, think about the last salesperson who rocked it. What did he or she do right? She was probably personable, helpful, really tried to understand your needs, and tried to help you solve your problem. Having a great way about you, a manner that is friendly and helpful and makes it easy to do business with you will, well, make people want to continue to do business with you.”

Avoid the Four Pitfalls of Customer Experience Management Strategy
Information Age

Founder and managing partner at customer insight software company mopinion, Udesh Jadnanansing, discusses the importance of developing a CEM program around your organization, not the software
1. Departmental silos
2. CEM is more than just the tools you use
3. Focus on positive customer feedback as well as the negative
4. Fully understand the digital experience

Walmart’s New CEO Stresses Technology to Improve Customer Service
New York Times

At the annual shareholders’ meeting of Walmart Stores, the new chief executive, Doug McMillon talked about the company’s long-term strategy and ways to move ahead in a rapidly changing retail world. “There are so many new ways to serve customers,” Mr. McMillon said. “Technology, data and information are opening new doors for us to lead through. Our purpose of saving people money will always be relevant, but we’ll do it in new ways.”

What were some of your favorite customer service reads this last week?

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