March 26 2012

Customer Service Hero: Barry Johnson

Customer Service Hero: Barry Johnson
Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

At Safelite AutoGlass, we have a number of recognition programs to shine a light on our best customer service providers. It’s a way to encourage the type of positive actions we like to see.

One of them is our Excellence in Service program. When an employee receives a compliment showing the employee going above and beyond their normal duties, turning a bad experience around, or doing something the customer did not expect or ever experienced before, they earn points to purchase gifts online. Each time an employee receives this type of compliment, they also receive a certificate recognizing them for providing customer delight and personalized letter signed by our president and CEO Tom Feeney. Each compliment received in this program is considered a separate level and employees with multiple recognitions increase their levels and awards. At Level 5+, the employee is included in a special recognition program that includes a glass trophy and plaque. Each year, the top 10 recipients are featured on a wall display in the main lobby of Safelite’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2011, our top 10 Excellence in Service winners were:
1. Barry Johnson, Repair Specialist, Level 18, N. Charleston, S.C.
2. Jacki Wilburn, Repair Specialist, Level 16, Boise, Idaho
3. Jose A. Hernandez, Technician, Level 14, Raleigh, N.C.
4. Jason Linville, Repair Specialist, Level 9, N. Charleston, S.C.
5. Jose Garcia-Torrijo, Technician, Level 9, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
6. Darius Smith, Repair Specialist, Level 8, Capitol Heights, Md.
7. Ronald Anderson, Mobile Pro Specialist, Level 7, Farmington, N.M.
8. Robbie Sigmon, Technician, Level 6, N. Charleston, S.C.
9. Jonathon Cox Jr., Technician, Level 6, N. Charleston, S.C.
10. Patrick P. Sanchez, Repair Specialist, Level 6, Palm Springs, Calif.

Barry Johnson is a natural at creating a powerful customer experience. As a windshield repair specialist from North Charleston, S.C., Barry says customers are truly what make his job enjoyable. His favorite part is the interaction he has with people every day.

Barry shared, “Sincerity is key to great customer service. I think if you are just being nice because you have to be, the customer sees through that. It’s when you actually want to be there helping them, they get that first-class experience.”

Barry was also named a Safelite Everyday Hero for his continued commitment to customer service.

Clearly, we take the matter of recognizing our customer service leaders very seriously. Tell us about some ways your company rewards your top-performers!


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He comes in everyday with a smile and is a joy to have around.

Harry Rowland, April 05, 2012

We would like to thank Barry for repairing our motorhome on 4-12-12. He was very professional and also very friendly. We had a nice conversation while he was working. Its nice when your upset about needing a repair and the service person makes you feel comfortable about it.the job was done in no time and I’m sure with Barrys fine job we’ll have no more problem with it. So thanks again to Barry and hope that he has continued good health.


peter bottone jr, April 13, 2012

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