May 07 2012

Customer Service Hero: Dave Ross

Customer Service Hero: Dave Ross
Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager


We often celebrate our technicians and CSRs who deliver great customer experience, but it’s also important to recognize the managers who facilitate a customer-focused culture.

Dave Ross, Safelite’s general manager in Boise, Idaho, is one of our customer service heroes. His market has had the top Net Promoter Scores for over a year now, and to-date, is at 94.8%. Dave is a testament of cultural transformation.

Dave has been with our company for 27 years and is always striving to become a better leader. When Safelite introduced the People First initiative, Dave took it seriously and began to transform the culture in his local market. He now listens to his associates and includes them in key decisions. He celebrates their successes and helps them learn from their mistakes.

Thanks to how he has embraced this new leadership style, he earned a 2011 Exceptional Customer Service Award.

Watch this video to hear from Dave about how his change of management style has impacted his market.

What do you think about Dave’s approach? Do you have someone in your company that has had a similar transformation?

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