December 16 2014

Customer Service Hero: Don Overbaugh, District Manager, Charlotte, N.C,

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology


An Everyday Hero can influence customer service from behind the scenes. One such case is our District Manager in Charlotte, N.C., Don Overbaugh.

As Safelite started rolling out its People Powered, Customer Driven messages throughout the company, we relied on regional and market leaders to share the vision. One of the styles Safelite needs in its leaders is someone who can be visionary and inspire their teams to continually improve. Sometimes leaders have to embrace change in how they deliver messages – for Don this has meant putting away the standard PowerPoint presentation and leveraging his love of homemade videos.

To engage and inspire his Charlotte team, Don continuously creates entertaining videos to bring to life our People Powered, Customer Driven vision.

According to Don, “The biggest thing I wanted to achieve was team engagement within the market. I felt if I had team engagement any challenge/change would be easy to overcome. I wanted take the direction from the annual kick-off meetings and the challenges that we have at the market and deliver them in a fun way. The market loved the videos, and after the first one, people asked to be in the videos. I had ideas from everyone on how we could show NPS or teamwork. I saw the excitement in the team!”

He goes on to explain, “I think we have to tailor a plan around our people and do things differently to gain engagement. It starts with the people ahead of me, and then I have to carry the same mission as they do so my associates see a wider vision.”

The results speak for themselves: His technician NPS average is up from 86% to 95%, and employee engagement is up 17 percentage points, reaching as high as 92%.

Congratulations, Don, on finding a creative way to engage employees in our People Powered, Customer Driven strategy and for being named a 2014 Everyday Hero!

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