December 18 2014

Customer Service Hero: Jeff Nowak, District Manager, Seattle

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Every year, we are excited to honor the winners of our Everyday Heroes Award who – thanks to their commitment to customer service – are the “heroes” of our business.

Today, we recognize Jeff Nowak, a district manager in Seattle, who has been with the company for 10 years. Here’s why he was named an Everyday Hero…

Jeff Nowak

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the cultural transformation our company had to undergo to become People Powered, Customer Driven. That transformation relied largely on our leaders in our field markets throughout the U.S. Leaders are responsible for creating the right climate for their employees to excel. Jeff is a prime example of the power leaders have to lead with vision and purpose.

A proven successful leader, Jeff was assigned to Seattle to help turn around the market. He quickly brought together a new local management team consisting of energized and motivated employees wanting to be part of the company’s cultural transformation.

Within two short years, through a consistent combination of face-to-face communication and accessibility, results began to turn around. Employee engagement rose by 20 percentage points, and Net Promoter Score rose to 89.5%!

His manager Brad Edwards shared, “Jeff is very effective at inspiring and motivating the team to see and understand his vision for the market and to get their 100% buy-in and support. He is creating a climate where employees want to advance within the company and take on more responsibility. He has partnered with the sales team to help them communicate the value in the service we provide. Now you can feel the excitement and engagement from the market employees. They are proud to work for Safelite and taking huge pride in their results.”

Congratulations, Jeff! You have earned the title of Everyday Hero!

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