December 30 2014

Customer Service Hero: Patrick Sanchez, Repair Specialist, Ontario, Calif.

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations


Next on our list of 2014 Everyday Heroes Award winners is Patrick Sanchez, a repair specialist in Ontario, Calif.

Customers love Patrick. Since 2011, more than thirty letters have been sent into Safelite from delighted customers. Patrick’s three-year NPS average is phenomenal: 99%. Here are some comments from customers:

“Patrick made my experience memorable. If I could give more points I would, but this survey only goes to 10!” – Dianna D.

“Mornings aren't always good because of my cancer and I was thinking about calling Safelite to see if the tech could come earlier. Right then, Patrick called saying he was free and could come early if I wished. I said yes, and he was here soon after, in that clean, fresh uniform, looking exactly like the email picture. He took time explaining everything, answering my questions. I went in for a while and when I came out, I found that Patrick had washed all my windows, and vacuumed out my Jeep! I almost cried as I've been so ill, I just haven't had the energy to clean my car. I'm an older woman, and I’m very leery of strangers, but I felt totally comfortable with Patrick, very safe. He's a keeper!” – Jackie H.

Patrick’s manager Rick Harvey shared, “Patrick is truly an amazing employee. He understands being Customer Driven better than anyone I’ve met. He has the ability to connect with people, making them feel special, whether you’re a customer or another associate. This is evidenced by the many unsolicited customer letters and calls I’ve received over the years.”

Thanks, Patrick for service so great, it’s memorable!

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