September 26 2012

Customer Service Heroes: Phoenix Operations Team

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Much of Safelite’s cultural transformation toward becoming more customer-centric involves engaging employees so that they feel empowered to make decisions that they know will delight customers.

A recent example of how that is becoming a reality happened in our Phoenix market, when we received this letter from a customer:

“I am writing to you regarding the excellent service rendered by employees of Safelite AutoGlass. This is a letter of appreciation directed to John (JJ) Wishon and Justin Pope.

“On the morning of August 10, I discovered that my rear window on my car had been totally shattered by a large stone. I also discovered that five other vehicles had been victimized in the same location. Tempe Police were notified and an officer responded to the scene.

“When I returned to my residence that same morning, I notified my insurance company and reported the incident. My car is fully insured and I just assumed that included glass replacement, but I was wrong. The agent informed me that glass was not included. However, they did refer me to Safelite to do the repair.

“I informed the agent I am a disabled WWII Vet and I live on a fixed income (SSI) disability benefits and did not have the sufficient funds to pay for the repair… at least not full payment at the time of service rendered.

“In the meantime, I called other companies in the area to see if anyone would accept partial payment and set up a payment plan. On five occasions, I was turned down.

“When Safelite’s Justin Pope arrived at my residence to fix the damaged glass, I told him about my limited income. At the time, I had less that $200 to live on until Sept. 3. Because I am not able to work, and the limited amount of money I get, it is necessary for me to budget every dollar, which meant I could not pay for the damages to my car.

“Justin called the store manager, J.J., and the spoke for a while. I then spoke with J.J. and explained my situation. We agreed that I would write a postdated check for the repair. I thought there was no other option left. The work was done skillfully, and I took notice that Justin was courteous, helpful and very professional.

“The next day, I received a personal visit from J.J. He handed back by postdated check and advised me that I would not have to pay for the repairs to my car. He and Justin spoke about my limited income due to my disability. As a result, they agreed that I must have been a candidate for this free service. Needless to say, I was most pleased and truly shocked by this offer. I cannot recall at any point in my life when something like this occurred… at least not for me.

“As a result, I am able to survive at least until my next SSI check and will not have to make additional sacrifices next month either. I want to comment Justin and JJ for their kindness and generosity. It is good to know that there are business people still out there that are willing to help others for the right reasons.”

This is the type of service we strive for – it’s about doing what’s right for the customer, even though accepting a post-dated check is against our policy, this employee was empowered to make a personal decision with the customer in mind.

Safelite AutoGlass is proud to have the employees who not only do great quality work but treat all of our customers well.

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Way to go JJ & team!!

Jodie, October 02, 2012

Way to go JJ and Justin! You changed the life of one of our customers.

Robert Weatherford, October 02, 2012

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