February 13 2012

Customer Service Means … Going the Extra Mile

Customer Service Means … Going the Extra Mile
Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

One way Safelite AutoGlass motivates employees to deliver customer delight is through our annual Everyday Hero Award. Jerry Borne, a technician with 10 years of experience, earned the award last year for going the extra mile.

Lydia wrote to us about her experience with Jerry:

“Jerry installed a windshield on my car in February and he did an incredible job. He came to my school and I was very excited that I did not have to take a day off from work. When he came into my classroom after he had installed my windshield, I was handling a problem with my students. Someone had taken a child’s piece of cake off his desk and eaten it when he was in the bathroom. We were discussing honesty and how it makes you a better person to be honest after doing something wrong. I asked Jerry what would happen if he was dishonest at his job. He talked to my students about doing the correct thing in school and in everyday life. The person was not honest that day even after we had a talk.

"A few hours later, Jerry delivered a cake to my school because he felt terribly for the child who did not get a piece of cake that afternoon. I was very touched that he would go out of his way to make one of my students happy.

"I want to let you know that Jerry Borne is a caring person and I am lucky that he was the person that was sent to my school that day. We have sent him a thank you card for going out of his way for other people JUST to be nice. He Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for me and for my students."

Jerry says that his favorite thing about his job is “being able to take a customer’s negative situation and turn it into a positive experience.”

Thank you, Jerry, for going out of your way to make our customers happy!

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I am inspired by this story. Jerry’s the kind of guy we all look up to. Keep up the good work buddy…. we see you.wink

Antonio Curtis, April 20, 2013

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