February 20 2012

Customer Service Tips: What is your rallying cry?

Customer Service Tips: What is your rallying cry?
Rich Harrison, Safelite® Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Who can forget the rallying cry in the movie Braveheart, when William Wallace shouts
“they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!!”? Or how about the collective battle cry of avid sports fans that chant together to lead their team to victory? This unity and camaraderie brings people together and is something easily emulated in business. In times of change, every business needs a rallying cry to inspire employees to reach for the top. Do you know what your rallying cry is?


When we began our customer service journey in 2007, our customer satisfaction scores were good, but they showed room for improvement... we needed to move from good to great and a wake-up call was in order to make a change. Employees and managers alike were getting complacent.

So as we set out to transform our culture, our rallying cry became “no market below 80 by 10/08.” In other words, by October 2008 (a one-year time frame), all of our markets needed to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 80 or above.

This phrase “80 by10/08” and the image above served as a strong reminder to everyone about the journey we were on and the goals we want to reach as it relates to customer service. We also provided support (training and coaching) to our managers on how to get their scores up. In other words, we had clarity on “what” we wanted (80 NPS), but we also provided tangible assistance in helping them do it.

And it worked… we achieve an 80 NPS (and higher since) and it was a result of our teams coming together to make it happen.

So remember, give your associates something they can root for… and feel welcome to share your own past or current rallying cries!

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