April 19 2012

Customer Service Tips: Where Are Your Pockets of Excellence?

Customer Service Tips: Where Are Your Pockets of Excellence?
Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

True or False: When you enter a Wal-Mart, you expect to be greeted by a friendly retiree, and when you’re not, you’re surprised and disappointed?

This is probably true for most because you expect this as part of your customer experience – even though Wal-Mart is a national chain where store management may vary widely. Consistency is key to creating an impactful customer experience. Here’s how we’ve set out to create a reliable, pleasant customer interaction…

When we began our customer service journey nearly five years ago, we realized that our stores throughout the country had a different way of interacting with customers – and, some were better than others.

Using our customer satisfaction surveys, we sought out our pockets of excellence. We observed these highest performers to develop best practices and made some wonderful educational videos.

Then… we took the best to the rest. Our leaders delivering the best customer delight were asked to lead peer-to-peer boot camps to share with other managers how they achieved such strong ratings. The peer-to-peer approach was key to engaging other managers in a way that outside counsel could not.

Some of the best practices that we took away from this process include the 5 Ts for our technicians and the 5 Bs for our CSRs.

When a customer calls our 800 number, our CSRs will follow the 5 Bs:
1. Be Sure
2. Be Helpful
3. Be Sympathetic
4. Be Honest
5. Be Appreciative

And, when our technicians do a job, they will follow the 5 Ts:
1. Time: Call customers in advance to notify them of arrival time.
2. Touch: Shake hands, make eye contact and engage the customer.
3. Technical excellence: Doing it right the first time, every time.
4. Talk: Tell the customer what we’re going to do and do it.
5. Thanks: Show appreciation for choosing Safelite.

Take a moment and consider: What can you learn from your pockets of excellence and how will you share it company-wide?

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