April 16 2013

Customer Service Turnaround Market: Portland, OR

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Safelite’s Northwest region enjoys some of the company’s highest Net Promoter Scores. In fact, five of the top six markets are in the Northwest. General managers in this region have developed a friendly, competitive spirit and fiercely defend their spots on the top 10 chart.

That’s why when Safelite’s Northwest region coverage was expanded to include Portland, Oregon, General Manager Mike Garrison felt the heat to compete.

Mike Garrison was recruited by Safelite® in 2004 thanks to his management experience at Airborne Express/DHL. He was hired to profitably grow the business, and strengthen Safelite’s market share in Oregon.

The year before joining the Northwest region, the Portland NPS was 84.2%. That’s a very high score. It surprisingly ranked the market No. 45 – right about in the middle of all Safelite’s markets. However, Mike knew that mediocre in the Northwest region wasn’t going to cut it.

He rallied his management staff toward a shared goal of reaching the region’s goal of 90 or above in every market.

These managers held weekly meetings with their teams to review learning opportunities to enhance customer service. They reminded technicians not to lose focus on delighting customers, and technicians embraced the challenge.

Eric Lowe, for instance, had a personal improvement from 74.8% in 2011 to a whopping 90.4% in 2012. He went all year with only one detractor on 115 surveys. Mike points to Eric’s positive attitude and commitment to do the job right the first time as reasons for his strong customer interactions. He’s actually been with the company for 14 years, but has recently made it a goal to help the market meet their shared 90% NPS target.

Thanks to individuals like Eric, the Portland market ranked 20th in 2012 with an NPS reaching 88.0% … moving up the ranks 25 places. As a result of improved customer engagement, customer delight and satisfaction, the market experienced a respectable 7.4% growth in sales.

While the Portland market continues to reach for a 90% NPS, we wish them luck in joining their Northwest peers in that coveted Top 10 slot!

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