March 05 2012

Easy Steps for a “Wow” Customer Experience

Rich Harrison, Safelite® Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

In an earlier article, we shared the strategy behind our Technician Profile Email. It’s simple communication like this that creates a “wow” customer experience.

Recently, even a non-customer, Eric, was so impressed that he sent us this feedback:

“I just saw one of your commercials and felt compelled to write. I must say that your idea of emailing a picture of the technician to your customer prior to their arrival is nothing short of BRILLIANT! I really think it's a great idea and one I hope to see mirrored in other industries that go to customers’ homes and places of business. In such uncertain times it provides peace of mind to the customer to know who to expect and when. I am really impressed with your innovation in utilizing technology in such a positive and productive way. Kudos to you, and though I currently am not in need of your services I feel confident to make you my first choice in the future as well as recommend you to others should the need arise. I just thought you might like some feedback. Thanks for listening.”

It reminded me of an article I recently read in Fast Company, “Imagine A World Where The Cable Guy Shows Up On Time.” Creating peace of mind is something all mobile service providers should consider. Not only does Safelite send customers the Technician Profile Email to introduce them to the person completing the work, each technician calls every customer on the morning of his or her appointment to provide a more specific time of arrival based on the day’s schedule.

We expect other mobile service providers to start moving in this direction. What are some additional simple steps service providers can do to improve the customer experience?

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