September 10 2013

Elevating Safelite’s “People First” Philosophy

Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People & Leadership Development

People Powered

Safelite’s President and CEO Tom Feeney recently introduced Safelite’s new strategy to grow the company – “People Powered. Customer Driven.”

People Powered is an elevation of our initial People First philosophy. The introduction of People First was to help us learn how to change our thinking and our culture to become an organization that considers people as a key part of our business strategy. Being People Powered means we not only understand the concept, but we consistently and naturally practice it as a normal course of business; it’s part of our DNA. It means we truly leverage the power of our people in all that we do to drive extraordinary results.

The goal of People Powered is to drive business performance by putting PEOPLE FIRST and having an obsessive focus on having talented people who are inspired to deliver great results.

As such, our four cornerstones have not changed, but will continue to grow and strengthen:

1. Leadership … great leaders create engagement among associates who in turn deliver extraordinary results.

Recognizing ‘people’ as the #1 responsibility of a leader; coaching and motivating people to be at their best; recognizing and rewarding the right skills, behaviors and performance; making sound people decisions and outlining a vision that people want to follow.

2. Focus … concentration on ‘people’ as a key part of our business strategy positions us for success.

Always considering our human resources in whatever we do; continually assessing our skill levels and making sure we have what it takes today and for our future; making sure those who have the talent and initiative to grow have the support, resources and career paths to get there; building a deep talent bench through proactive planning.

3. Talent … having great people is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Having the courage, as individuals and as leaders, to ensure we have the right people on the bus and in the right seats; building great teams; developing ourselves and our people; identifying, hiring, performing and developing to the right standards; never settling and consistently striving to have extraordinary talent.

4. Caring … sincere concern for people’s wellbeing creates loyalty, increases retention, and it’s just the right thing to do.

It’s about creating a healthy, high-performing climate in which people strive to be at their best; not because they have to, but because they want to.

Safelite’s approach to focusing on our people and our culture has paid off as evidenced by our 2012 Employee Engagement Scores. Additionally, when we reviewed our markets with the most improved engagement, they often are also the most improved profit – that is real, tangible business results.

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