April 23 2012

Employee Engagement: Recognize Leaders

Employee Engagement: Recognize Leaders
Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

In 2010, Safelite introduced the People First Award, which was created to honor leaders who embody our People First philosophy, which has four cornerstones: leadership, focus, talent, and caring. The prize is $10,000. It’s an example of linking your rewards with the behavior and actions you expect from employees.

Our 2011 People First Award winner is Jon Laski, a general manager in eastern Florida (Orlando and Jacksonville), who recently earned the company’s highest employee engagement score in the entire country – an impressive 96% in 2011.

Here’s how Jon lives up to our People First philosophy:

You’ll experience great leadership.

This isn’t the first time Jon has had the spotlight on him for being a great leader at Safelite. He was an early adapter of NPS and led the way for the organization around customer delight in many ways by inventing best practices. He has consistently delivered results over the years, and in 2011 that happened again. He absolutely smashed his trading profit budget, beating his target by 12% … in a major market environment and without the help of weather.

Several years ago, his market was established as the role model for customer service and featured in this training video.

We focus on you first.

Jon credits the award back to his team. “I couldn’t do it without them,” he said. He plans to treat his management team and their families to a special dinner soon and he’ll host a market-wide barbeque this spring to thank them for their role in his success.

“Jon is very active in his daily operation,” said division manager Paul Jurgensen. “He makes time on a regular basis with all his associates to see how they are doing not only from a business standpoint, but also on a personal level. It wasn’t surprising to see Jon achieve the highest engagement score company-wide given the personal approach he devotes towards driving business results in his market.”

One of his colleagues recently said that out of all the markets in the US, his market has one of the absolute best people environments in the entire county, and it is in large part because of his leadership.

We hire top talent… that includes you.

When he first got his general management assignment, Jon worked hard to develop himself as a leader and he made his development a priority. Over time he learned that his success as a leader was dependent on his team... the talent and potential they possessed, and how they responded to and viewed him as a leader. He modified his approach… stressed collaboration, made communication with his team a top priority, and he made a real effort to connect with each of his associates on a personal level.

He became a coach rather than a manager, and it showed in the people he developed. We tried to count the number of people that he promoted or moved on to other parts of the business, but frankly, we lost track. But when he had to, he made the tough people decisions as well. His people became the focal point of his market strategy, and it has paid off handsomely in results and KPI’s.

You’ll work in a caring culture.

After 2010’s engagement survey results, Jon boldly predicted that he would lead the country in associate engagement in 2011. And after an impressive 15 percentage point increase, and a total market engagement score of 96%, he backed up that bold prediction and has the highest engagement score in the entire country.

“Winning this award is a huge honor,” Jon said. “At first it seemed surreal, but as it sank in, I felt an enormous amount of pride, not just in myself and in my team, but in Safelite as a company for giving back to their people in this way. In my opinion, Safelite is the best it has ever been.”

Congratulations, Jon!

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i was beginning to think that i may end up being the sole human being which cared about this, at the least at prneest i comprehend i’m not loonie   i will be sure to see a handful of various blogposts after i get some caffeine in me, adios for now

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sounds like someone that thinks as his team as a extended family.Sounds like a great place to be.

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