May 21 2012

Engaging with Customers Online Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Engaging with Customers Online Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
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For many in the customer service arena, the thought of social media is terrifying… it can feel as if you have little to no control. But if managed appropriately, social media can be a place for resolving service issues while also gathering first-hand data about your customer experience.

My advice: Don’t see social media as a threat. Rather, it is a whole new opportunity to engage customers. However, it doesn’t work to simply set up your social media pages and let them sit stagnant. Appoint an employee or department to manage them daily. Design a proactive editorial calendar to deliver fresh content frequently. And most importantly, develop a streamlined process for addressing online feedback.

In fact, you’ll soon learn social media is also a place for your best fans to communicate as well!

To learn more about engaging with customers online, download my white paper "Using Social Media to Provide Customer Delight.”

Then, take a minute to tell us your best story about resolving a customer service issue via social media!

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