February 12 2013

Excellence in Service: 2012 Top 10

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

Safelite’s employee recognition program for customer service compliments is called Excellence in Service– every time one of our associates is complimented in writing or with a phone call, our president writes them a note and they earn points toward online purchases.

The Excellence in Service Award is determined by certain criteria within the compliment. This includes the associate going above and beyond their normal duties, turning a bad experience around, or doing something the customer did not expect from us or has never experienced before. Usually the customer recognizes the name of our associate, references they will tell others about their Safelite experience and mentions something extraordinary about their experience.

I’m pleased to announced our Top 10 technicians and repair specialists for 2012:
1. Jaclyn Wilburn, Level 25, Repair Specialist, Boise, Idaho
2. Barry Johnson, Level 20, Repair Specialist, N. Charleston, S.C.
3. Patrick Sanchez, Level 14, Repair Specialist, Palm Springs, Calif.
4. Jerry Sharp, Level 14, Technician, N. Charleston, S.C.
5. Jose Hernandez, Level 13, Technician, Raleigh, N.C.
6. Shane Adams, Level 12, Repair Specialist, Plano, Texas
7. Jose Ortiz, Level 12, Technician, Salem, Mass.
8. Jason Linville, Level 11, Repair Specialist, N. Charleston, S.C.
9. Wayne Hala, Level 10, Repair Specialist, Aurora, Colo.
10. Robbie Sigmon, Level 9, Technician, N. Charleston, S.C.

Many congratulations to Jaclyn Wilburn! After finishing second a year ago, Jaclyn had her eyes firmly on finishing atop the Excellence in Service Award standings in 2012.

Mission accomplished.

Finishing at Level 25, Jacki was five spots ahead of second place finisher and last year’s winner, Barry Johnson, repair specialist from North Charleston, S.C.

“The last update I saw in October I was two levels ahead, but I know how good Barry Johnson is with his customers,” Jacki said. “It was exciting to hear the news. Seeing the response I had from my customers last year and to come so close, I thought I would just continue on and see what happened. It just blew me away the response I got from my customers.”

Typically, it’s the customers who are amazed.

“Jacki is just a great person and she really likes people,” said Boise general manager Dave Ross. “Sometimes people in customer service can seem fake or phony. She’s just a genuine person. We’re all excited for her.”

What makes Jacki stand out? When performing a repair at the home of a piano teacher, she noticed her customer had one arm in a cast.

Customer comment: “The technician (Jaclyn) drove an hour to my home on a day with very bad weather, called to tell me when she would arrive and found out it conflicted with my home business schedule. She did all she could to meet my schedule and cause the least amount of disruption for me. She even shoveled my walkway when she saw I was in a cast and was unable to do so myself so my students would have a safe entrance into my home. She was quick, efficient and repaired my windshield beautifully.”

Customer comment: “Service technician (Jaclyn) was friendly, skilled, knowledgeable, polite and went beyond expectations. She answered all my questions before beginning and made certain I was comfortable with all the repairs that were being done. She was on time, sensitive to my busy schedule and careful with my vehicle. She made this experience as pleasant and hassle-free for me as possible.

“We recently got a letter from a customer where she wanted to thank Jacki for carrying her groceries,” Dave said. “Who does that?”

Well, Dave, the great people at Safelite® do that!

Many thanks to all our EIS winners for creating special customer service memories!

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