October 11 2016

Excellence in Service: A Glass Company with Heart

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO


As a People Powered, Customer Driven company, Safelite AutoGlass relies on our technicians to bring unexpected happiness to peoples’ everyday lives through their caring hearts.

I recently received a customer letter about our manager John S. in D.C. that stood out to me for being an example of how the Safelite Spirit can impact a person’s day.

Kim wrote:

“I wanted to personally thank you and congratulate you on hiring such outstanding staff who go above and beyond the call of service. On Saturday, my grandmother was driving from Pennsylvania to Florida when due to a heavy downpour she struck an arm barrier on the freeway. She hit it so hard, the windshield was damaged. Since it was late in the day, the closest appointment at Safelite wasn’t until the next day. She had her vehicle towed to Safelite, but at this point, she did not know with whom she could stay or anyone to take her to a hotel.

“At this point, John, the Safelite manager, overheard and asked them what happened. After he listened to their situation, he let them know that he would look in the system to see if a windshield was available so she would not need to go to a hotel. Although it was a last-minute appointment and the rain already had them busy, John confirmed that they did in fact have the glass and got them on the schedule for that day.

“The part that I am really thank for is that he did not stop there. He took my grandparents to get something to eat while their car was being serviced. He dropped them off at a restaurant and went back and got them once it was ready. All this in a heavy rain storm. This might not sound like a big deal, but since they are elderly, he had to help them in and out of the car as if they were his own parents.

“This type of service goes above and beyond what I or my grandparents expected. I am forever thankful to John and Safelite for the way we were treated. Not as a customer, but as part of a family.”

Family is a word we hear a lot about our Safelite teams. John did a great job of extending his care so that a complete stranger could also feel that family bond. Thank you John for caring for this customer, and to Kim for sharing your story!

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