February 02 2017

Excellence in Service: Can-Do Attitude Helps Fellow Driver

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology


At Safelite AutoGlass, we think our people are the secret to making us a great company. We look for those that demonstrate the Safelite Spirit.

Jeffrey W. in our Columbia market recently was acknowledged for his can-do attitude by this fellow traveler who wrote to us:

“I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to one of your employees for assisting me when I experienced car trouble last Thursday on the highway.

“As I was driving with my parents, who are 85 and 87, we heard a loud flapping noise. After pulling over twice thinking it was a flat tire, we realized it was the splashguard pan that had become detached. I put on my blinker lights and had to keep my speed under 40 mph. The Safelite driver saw what was happening and anticipating that we would get off at the next exit, he pulled off and waited for us.

“The Safelite employee looked in his van for bolts but they didn’t fit. He then found a package of zip ties and secured the pan to the underside of the car.

“We thanked him for his help and my father offered him a $20 bill (not verbally, but with the bill in his hand), and the technician responded, ‘No thanks, just remember Safelite.’

“He then said he would pass us when we got up to speed back on the interstate and take a look, which he did and flashed his lights to signal the okay.

“His exit was the next one. And, our guardian angel was gone!

“Wow! I will never forget Safelite and will always use your company if I have damaged auto glass.

“Thank you for instilling your employees with professional and caring principles.

Karen B.

Wow is right! I am astonished each and every day by the compelling stories we hear about our people. Thank you Jeffrey for helping this individual during a time of need, and thank you Karen for reaching out to us!

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