September 26 2016

Excellence in Service: Going Above & Beyond for the Military

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Safelite Team

Nothing was going right with Lt. Doug E.’s planned move to Virginia from New Jersey. The Commissioned Officer with the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. had just dealt with a windshield replacement in January, squeezing his tight budget to pay the high insurance deductible, when his windshield cracked again just a month later, and only a few weeks before he was scheduled to hit the road. Distraught, he reached out to Safelite.

Executive Service Team Member Shara L. took the time to listen to Doug’s story and was moved by his predicament. While she gave him some guaranteed relief by offering to absorb $100 of the deductible, she didn’t stop there and promised to look into some additional assistance. An email to Pine Brook, N.J., Operations Manager Mike W., set off a chain of events leading to a free windshield and a very happy customer.

Already focused on finding opportunities to create unexpected happiness for customers, Mike made sure his team had the necessary parts and immediately sought approval to use a training class to install Doug’s windshield.

“It was a win-win,” said Mike. “We got something out of it, while being able to assist him.”

Elated, Doug agreed to the terms and within days he was in Pinebrook, N.J., watching his car get a thorough install from enthusiastic trainees.

“My expectations were that I would have to pay the $400. It was a nice surprise. And it was a huge relief because I was moving. Preparing to move has been stressful … so far it’s the only thing that’s gone smoothly.”
The quality managers and trainees in Pinebrook were excited to have the opportunity to help a military service member in need. It hit home with many, noted Market Leader Christian C., and provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the Safelite Spirit to trainees.

“We explained the situation, so they knew what was going on and why we were doing it. It really showed the trainees what Safelite is all about – it boosted Safelite in the eyes of people who had only been here a few weeks.”

In the end, Doug’s experience went far beyond getting his windshield replaced, and showcases how a service mindset, can-do attitude and caring heart can translate in our everyday work.

“Offering a discount was probably all he expected,” noted Christian, who later organized an effort to send Doug a valor coin to thank him for his service, “but to find a way to give it to him for free and actually make him part of the process, where they gave him safety glasses and showed him how we remove and install the glass – he knew this wasn’t the norm. We went above and beyond.”

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