November 20 2012

Excellence in Service Profile: Dawn Teemer, Service Representative

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Safelite’s Excellence in Service program recognizes employees when they are complimented for customer service. Winners earn points to purchase online merchandise. Here is the latest profile of one of our Excellence in Service honorees: Dawn Teemer of Baltimore, Maryland.

Bonnie H. began her day with a car packed full for a long drive from her home in Maryland to her new job in North Carolina. As she prepared to leave that morning, she was shocked to find the driver’s side door glass had been shattered.

She made an appointment with a local Safelite for that afternoon. Unfortunately, when the technician pulled the part, he realized it was mislabeled and the store had the right size, wrong tint, in stock.

Service representative Dawn Teemer didn’t want to let Bonnie down. Here’s what Bonnie shared with us:

“Dawn could not have been more apologetic for the mislabeling of the window – which in no way was her fault. But here’s where Dawn stepped up and went above and beyond. Because she knew that I would be driving alone for a 12-hour period, she made me an incredible offer. She had the window with the wrong tint installed and put under warranty so that when I arrived in North Carolina, I could have the right window I needed put in the car after I got settled. This ensured me two things: 1) I would be safe traveling alone and 2) my possessions would not be harmed from weather or stolen.

“As a result of Dawn’s actions, I have told everyone that I know how wonderful and accommodating Safelite is to their customers. Everyone that I have spoken to has been incredibly impressed with the customer service and it is a story that many people remember because of Dawn. This is customer service that should never go unnoticed because of its rarity.”

At Safelite AutoGlass, service like this is happily common-place thanks to our commitment to customers. From the Northeast to the Southeast, Safelite employees do what they can to make a memorable customer experience.

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