October 24 2012

Excellence in Service Profile: John Wishon, Store Manager

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

Safelite’s Excellence in Service program recognizes employees when they are complimented for customer service. Winners earn points to purchase online merchandise. Here is the latest profile of one of our Excellence in Service honorees: John Wishon of Phoenix, Arizona.

While visiting the Phoenix area for a doctor’s appointment, David B. had the misfortune of a rock cracking his windshield 18 inches long. He was pleased that he was able to book an appointment at Safelite that very same afternoon. After arriving, he realized he did not have the time required for a windshield replacement, but was leaving town early the next morning.

Manager John Wishon kindly obliged David by meeting him an hour earlier than the shop opened to get his installation completed and so he could get back on the road.

David B. thanked the Safelite team for their help with an email to our Executive Services Team, saying:

“Often the only emails or phone calls a business receives are complaints. Fortunately, this is not a complaint. … I cannot remember such a pleasant experience while my truck was being serviced. I sincerely appreciate Safelite’s expertise and the warmth they showed to me. Please rest assured that I will be a vocal advocate for your outstanding service and personnel.”

This is a terrific example of the type of customer delight that can happen when employees are empowered to make decisions that they know will make all the difference between a thrilled customer and a disappointed one.

Ask yourself, would your front-line staff feel passionate enough about pleasing this customer that they would have arrived to work an hour early?

Thanks to John and his team for creating a Promoter out of David B.!

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Wow, great job JJ and team, keep up the excellent service, you guys are doing great! smile

Jodie Gowens, Shenandoah,TX, October 30, 2012

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