June 25 2013

Excellence in Service Profile: Michael Bracken, Technician

Scott Gardner, Regional Quality & Training Manager

Safelite’s Excellence in Service program recognizes employees when they are complimented for going above and beyond for customer service.

This letter was about our technician Michael Bracken from a customer, Jeff Z.:

“I want to tell you how awesome your technician is that fixed my windshield. Talk about above and beyond. I had an appointment for 2:00 PM on Saturday. That morning I found my wife collapsed on the kitchen floor. Long story short, we ended up in the ICU. Your technician called me to make sure I was available and I explained what had happened. I told him I was at the hospital that my wife had collapsed and half-heartedly said the repair would have to be done at the hospital so let’s reschedule. To my surprise the tech said he could do the job at the hospital if I wanted to and he would only need access to the interior of the vehicle. He showed up at the hospital, called me, I remoted him in to the vehicle, told him to call me if he needed me that I was at my wife's bedside. I could see him out the window of the ICU room. He was professional, completed the job, left all the info with a note containing his phone number in the vehicle and locked the door and left. I looked out the window and saw he had completed the job. I called him and asked how it went and he said perfect, told me what to do for the 24 hour break in period. This part choked me up a bit, he said he didn't call because he didn't want to bother me in this stressful time with my wife. That he had left all the info in the car and to call if there were any problems or questions. He wished for my wife to have a speedy recovery and I could tell by the tone of his voice he meant. Talk about above and beyond.”

Thanks, Michael for service so great, it was memorable!

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