July 28 2015

Excellence in Service Profile: Michael Sanders, Technician

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO

Safelite’s Excellence in Service program recognizes employees when they are complimented for customer service. Winners earn points to purchase online merchandise. Here is the latest profile of one of our Excellence in Service honorees:

This is a letter from Carol and Fred B.:

Michael Sanders did a great job installing our new windshield and left the car cleaner than he found it. But he also did something very special. Just making conversation with him, I mentioned that in losing the old windshield, we were losing an old faded military sticker that was affixed to it. We’ve been retired for years, and somehow that old sticker was a connection to an important part of our lives. Michael took the time to carefully remove that sticker for us to keep.

Customer service like that is just born in someone. How thoughtful of him to do that, and I’m sure is equally responsive to all your customers. He was awesome, and I hope you appreciate him!

I can tell you we sure do appreciate Michael for his contributions to our company and making customer service a top priority!

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