September 24 2013

Introducing Safelite’s “Customer Driven” Approach

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

Recently, Safelite’s President and CEO Tom Feeney shared with our readers Safelite’s new strategy to grow the company – “People Powered. Customer Driven.”

With a Net Promoter Score of 87%, numerous accolades, and fantastic business results to-date, it’s hard to imagine what we could do better. But, we believe we can. Let me give you some examples…

• When we are Customer Driven, we will truly understand what our customers want from us…and what they want us to stop doing.

• And that information will be the basis from which we design all of our products and services.

• Our offerings and processes will be tailored around our customer’s needs – not around our self-imposed operational restraints.

This is our new Customer Driven logo.


If you think it looks similar to our People Powered logo, you’re right.

That’s because being People Powered and being Customer Driven go together. Our belief is simple; happy, talent people create happy, loyal customers who deliver profitable growth. You will also notice that we have four key words on the logo, just like People Powered. These are the key elements that will be central to our Customer Driven strategy: Listen, Focus, Create, and Delight.

The objective of being Customer Driven is to achieve extraordinary results by looking at our business through the eyes of the customer; making it easy for them to do business with us and ensuring their experience is memorable.

1. Listening: seek to understand customer pain points and learn through their experiences. Be curious and listen to our customers. Absorb their feedback, dig in to all of our data to understand the customer on a deeper level ultimately anticipating and identifying better ways to meet their needs.

2. Focus: deploy resources where they deliver the greatest mutual business value. Strive to grow relationships with our customers that unlock value. Align resources and prioritize our actions to target critical customer segments and geographic areas and markets with unique situations so that we can serve more customers.

3. Create: implement solutions for customers that differentiate us from our competitors making us the “Natural Choice.” Expand our competitive advantage by eliminating customer dissatisfaction. Design unique and tailored solutions that make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

4. Delight: create loyal customers that will become brand advocates and our super promoters. Continue to provide service that goes beyond our customers’ basic needs and wants. Consistently embrace an attitude for delivering untouchable service and quality leaving a memorable impression so powerful our customers will want to share it with others.

Customer Driven starts with Listen and naturally flows to Focus, Create, and then Delight… and then it starts all over again. It is really a never ending cycle, as we use the feedback from the customers experience to listen and inform the next part of our continuous improvement journey; it only gets better with time.

Stay tuned for more about how we plan to bring our Customer Driven elements to life and what it means for the customer.

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