August 28 2013

Introducing Safelite’s Next Cultural Transformation

Introducing Safelite’s Next Cultural Transformation
Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO

In my first year as president and CEO of Safelite AutoGlass®, we introduced a strategy for doubling our business… we called this journey “Destination 2012.” Our Reputation, Image, Attitude, Standards of Excellence, and Efficiency / Effectiveness provided the right foundation. And the two pillars People First and Customer Delight were the key initiatives in supporting our goal or vision of becoming the natural choice for vehicle glass repair and replacement.

These two pillars, People First and Customer Delight represented more than new vocabulary for us. They led the cultural transformation of our company and our leaders.

Now that 2012 has come and gone, we are proud of our many accomplishments on our journey but, we also know that our journey is not complete.

Once again, we’re taking Safelite to a whole new level. This year, we have launched the second phase of our cultural transformation. It is rooted in our People First philosophy and our Customer Delight focus. This next journey is all about elevating and enhancing work begun in 2009.

For us to be a great company, we asked ourselves two important questions:
• How do we elevate our People First philosophy?
• How do we transform our focus on Customer Delight?

The answers? We’re elevating our People First philosophy to become People Powered. Our first transformation was primarily about embracing a People First philosophy… going forward, we will master that philosophy. And, Customer Delight is evolving to become part of new emphasis on being Customer Driven.

Being Customer Driven requires us to:
• Gain intimate knowledge of the customer
• Intensify focus on the customer
• See our business through the eyes of the customer
• Strive to be easy to do business with
• Create a memorable experience

Now, our vision looks more like this:

New House

Today, we are focused on the customer in many ways, but being Customer Driven is different, and when done right, it will unlock immeasurable value.

Stay tuned to learn more about our People Powered, Customer Driven approach.

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