December 07 2012

Is the Customer Effort Score the Next Big Thing?

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

In 2008, the Customer Contact Council created the Customer Effort Score, a customer experience metric that gauges the ease of a customer interaction, enabling companies to track effort from the customer perspective. The concept of customer effort is another predictor of loyalty for a service organization similar to the Net Promoter Score, used at Safelite AutoGlass.

The Customer Effort Score asks respondents, “How much effort did you personally put forth to handle your request?” Answers are on a five point scale from 1 (very low effort) to 5 (very high effort).

Our latest poll of our readers asked if they are using the Customer Effort Score, and 100% said no. That’s an interest stark contrast with a recent poll from CCC, which found that 64% of respondents now measure effort in their organizations. Of these, a majority use the CES metric.

Perhaps the Customer Effort Score is just gaining popularity among customer-focused companies.

In fact, at Safelite, we try to incorporate the voice of the customer in everything we do. However, there’s always room to improve. In late 2012, we added the Customer Effort Score to the Service Recovery survey to better understand what it’s like to be in the customer shoes. We want to know… Are we easy to work with or not so easy?

This new question sounds simple, but it will help Safelite understand if future customer programs really add value and if they are appreciated by our customers. The more we learn from the information the customer has already provided us, the better the customer experience will be.

Tell us: What is your opinion of the Customer Effort Score?

Then, be sure to answer our next poll question: Does your company use text analytics to analyze customer feedback?

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