February 17 2014

Leadership Plays a Key Role in Any Cultural Transformation

Tom Feeney, Safelite® President and CEO

As a member of The Columbus Partnership, I receive weekly updates President and CEO Alex Fischer.

The Columbus Partnership is a non-profit, membership-based CEO organization of 52 CEOs from Columbus’ leading businesses and institutions whose primary goal is to improve the economic vitality of the Columbus Region.

In last week’s weekly update, I read this explanation of Leadership. I found it was well written and wanted to share it with you:

“Leadership is one of the hardest concepts to define concisely. Leadership is associated with positional roles, moral behaviors, spheres of influence, and successful results. It can be exercised by individuals, organizations, industries, or nations. The multi-dimensional, situational, and causal traits of leadership demand its refinement to be approached as an art rather than a skill to perfect. Regardless the form, leadership matters because it is the essential foundation to delivering results. The qualities of the results are relative to the quality of the leadership.”

What are your thoughts? What are the different ways each of you define leadership? How has leadership played a role in your company’s customer service?

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