April 09 2014

Majority of Companies Put Customers First According to Reader Poll

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

In our last reader poll, we asked “Who does your business put first – shareholders, customers, or employees?” Not surprisingly, 60% answered customers. 24% answered shareholders, and just 16% answered employees.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. But for a company to be truly great, there must be internal alignment in how you make decisions. Every company should ask themselves two important questions:
1. Who do you value and put first… your shareholders, employees, or customers?
2. Which discipline do you focus on… operations, products, or customers

It looks like this:

Values & Disciplines Matrix

Once you determine your own “sweet spot,” it will help align leaders in future decisions. At Safelite, we decided that to set ourselves apart from competitors, we would value our employees – because we believe happy, engaged people create happy, loyal customers. At the same time, our decisions related to processes – or disciplines – needed to be focused on how to please the customer.

This is how we came to develop our People Powered, Customer Driven approach.

After considering this Values & Disciplines matrix, share with us where your company lands… or where you’d like to move them!

Then, take a minute to answer our next reader poll: What’s the most challenging aspect of delivering great customer service?

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