May 07 2013

Most Believe Service is More Important in Struggling Economy

Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

When the economy is troubled, business leaders can view customer service in different ways… some may say it’s more important to delight a customer because consumers are more conservative with their spending while others may believe that customer service is always a priority no matter the economy.

So we asked in our latest reader poll, “does a struggling economy make customer service more important?” Wisely, zero answered that it’s “less important,” while 91.7% said it’s “more important.” Just 8.3% said it’s the same.


Perhaps the difference between responses lies in the type of service or product offered. If the product or service being offered is optional… a luxury, than perhaps customer service is more important in a down economy because the customer will simply choose not to make the purchase. But if the product or service being offered is necessary, than customer service is important all the time as a way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

What examples can you share about how the economy affects customer service?

Then, be sure to answer our next poll: Who does your company put first… shareholders, customers or employees?

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