June 23 2016

Pennsylvania Team Showcases Ability to Turn a Customer’s Day Around

Renee Cacchillo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Customer, Brand & Technology

When Amy H.’s day was derailed with shattered back glass, she turned to the Safelite AutoGlass Lancaster, Penn., team to save the day. Overwhelmed with the exceptional customer service, she shared her experience in an ecstatic email to store management.

“I wanted to tell you once again how grateful I am for the exceptional customer service you and your team provided to me yesterday. Our family of three makes do with only one car, and on the rare occasion when something goes wrong with our car, we have to really scramble to work out alternative transportation. When I inadvertently shattered the back glass of yesterday morning, my first reaction was to panic! How would I get to and from work? Pick my daughter up from school? What if it rained before the windshield could be fixed and ruined the interior of the car?

“The Safelite customer service call center worked hard to get me an appointment to have the windshield replaced as soon as possible, but the earliest appointment they could offer wasn’t until the following morning. Hoping against hope, I drove to your Columbia Avenue location to see if there was any chance at all of an earlier fix. That’s when you and your team sprang into action and went above and beyond for me in every possible way.

You turned a potentially stress-filled, disaster of a day around to a day of feeling taken care of and at ease that all would be well. You quickly ascertained that a replacement windshield could be delivered and installed the same day. Your serviceman Ben, a fine young man, cheerfully gave me a ride to work (with a detour to my daughter’s school to deliver the lunch that she had forgotten in the back seat of our car that morning). And to top it off, I had barely finished eating lunch when you called to tell me my car was already fixed and ready to go. Absolutely amazing!

“Customer service of the caliber you provided is so rare these days. I am singing the praises of Safelite to all my family, friends and colleagues! Thank you, thank you!”

This story is yet another example of how our people – and their caring nature – make a difference.

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