May 01 2012

Poll Results: Customers Value Prompt Phone Response

Poll Results: Customers Value Prompt Phone Response
Melina Metzger, Public Relations Manager

When asked, “How important to you is it to have a company answer phones live?” 75% said, “Very important… if I don’t get a person, I just push zero until I get one,” while the other 25% said, “Somewhat important… as long as the prompts are short and get me to the right person quickly, it’s OK.” Interestingly, not one respondent selected “Not important… I don’t mind automated systems as long as they’re effective.”

This shows the value in hiring contact center representatives to answer the phones in a timely, friendly manner.

Safelite’s own award-winning contact center recently changed from having CSRs answering calls to a short, one-question prompt with just two options. While we would prefer to have CSRs answering phones, we found this simple change allows us to better fit customer needs and to weed out non-customers. Stay tuned for more on this change.

Please consider sharing with us your company’s lessons-learned on answering customer calls.

Then, take a moment to answer our May poll question, “When I have a customer service issue, I start by a) going through social media, b) calling the corporate office, or c) calling the local store.

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