September 16 2014

Quick-thinking Safelite Technician Saves Accident Victim

Steve Miggo, Safelite Senior Vice President of Operations

In early July 2014, as Safelite technician Wesley Hunting was driving to his next customer in Moses Lake, Wash., he came across a man injured badly in the middle of the road. The man’s motorcycle lay on the pavement about 30 feet away.

The rider had been clipped by a pickup truck coming the other way while trying to pass a semi. With the amount of blood on the pavement, Wesley realized he had little time to react.

“I ran back to the van, grabbed some gloves and piece of molding,” he said.

Wesley wrapped the molding around the man’s leg twice, forming a crude tourniquet to stop the blood flow. While another passerby dialed 911, Wesley held the tourniquet as tightly as possible for 15 minutes until emergency services arrived.

“He was talking to us. Not very clear, but he was talking with us,” Wesley said. “I was asking him what his name was, where he was from, just to keep him talking.”

Minutes later the motorcyclist was life-flighted to a local hospital. Despite losing 12 units of blood, the man lived, thanks to Wesley’s quick thinking.

But molding? As a tourniquet?

“As weird as it sounds, I immediately thought molding would work,” Wesley said. “With a tourniquet, rope works the best if you’ve got it. The molding kind of stretches too much, but a couple wraps around and it worked pretty good. A person on the response team when she was taking it off she said she was thinking ‘What in the world is this?’ but then she saw the Safelite van and realized it goes with a windshield.”

Raised on a farm in Vernal, Utah, Wesley said his previous experience were critical to handling the situation.

“I worked for a company earlier in land surveying and had to take CPR and first aid class,” he said.

A few days after the accident, Wesley spent a few minutes with the gentleman whose life he helped save. Coincidentally, the man was life-flighted to the same hospital where Wesley’s wife was giving birth to their second child – Carson.

“I think anyone would have done what I did, whatever they could do,” Wesley said. “It was instinct. I thought that guy had a family he wanted to get home to just as much as I wanted to get home to mine.”

As we recount this story for our readers, I think it reiterates the type of person we want to have representing our company… someone who goes above and beyond to help people.


Thank you Wesley – you truly are a hero.

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Way to go! You are a hero!

Alyssa Ochs-Marich - Mgr 4283 Reno NV, September 16, 2014

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