January 08 2014

Safelite AutoGlass Technician – A True Hero

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Safelite AutoGlass Technician – A True Hero
By Mandy Seeley, General Manager

As mobile auto glass technicians, we see people getting into accidents and stranded on the side of the road daily. You never know what you may come across during your daily drive, or think that when you left your house that morning, you were going to be someone’s hero by the end of the day! But Freddy Brown, a Safelite AutoGlass technician in Stockton, Calif., was one of those people!

Freddy drove out to replace windshields, just like he would any other day, not knowing the situation he would face on the way to his first job of the morning.

Freddy is accustomed to driving along Highway 108, a very scenic two-lane highway up to the foothills, as part of his usual route. He knows that as with any mountain road, there are blind turns and hills that can make it a dangerous drive. As he was driving, he noticed a lot of loose gravel. Once he was at the top and starting to descend, he saw that another driver was not as lucky. Freddy saw a minivan, flipped on its side against a tree. He saw another vehicle had stopped, but there were no emergency vehicles on the scene yet.

Freddy could have continued on his way, he could have just told himself that someone else stopped so he should just keep going; but he didn’t. Freddy pulled off to the side of the road and could hear two women trapped inside the van screaming for help. They couldn’t get out!

He started walking towards them and could see that there was smoke coming from the rear of the van. When he got to the front of the van, where he could see the women, he saw that there was a small gap where the windshield was pulled from pinchweld. Freddy acted fast, he got a cold knife from his van and continued to cut the windshield from the pinchweld until he could pull the windshield back enough to let the women out of the van.

Freddy was immediately received with hugs and thanks, but Freddy was just glad that he was able to help. The van, fortunately, did not catch fire, and Freddy waited until emergency crews were on the scene before he left, and said his good byes to the two women.

In a situation like this there are many different scenarios that could have happened. There were no emergency crews, and the area was remote, but he was able to get the women out of their vehicle quickly because of his quick thinking and selflessness.

We are all very proud of Freddy, and what he did. He impacted these women’s lives, and gave us all a renewed appreciation for helping others in need! We don’t all get an opportunity to become someone’s hero, and I don’t think Freddy realizes he is one, but we know he was a hero that day!

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Way to go Freddy! You are a hero!

alyssa ochs - Mgr Reno NV, January 08, 2014

Great job!

Gustavo Faudoa-Store Mgr 6228, January 08, 2014

You sir are a hero.
We are proud to wear the same uniform as you Freddy. Anybody could have stopped but YOU did.

Mike Dickinson-Mgr Honolulu Hi, January 08, 2014

You are right Alyssa, Freddie is a hero. We’re happy to have him as a member of the team here in Stockton CA.

Fernando Castro, January 08, 2014

Great job Freddy.  Thankfully it turned out to be a right time kind of moment.  Keep up the good work!!!

Nicholas Kieger - Lead Technician Iowa City, IA, January 08, 2014

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